In our not simple time become less affordable items of jewelry. A huge number of famous jewelry houses and couturier beckon exquisite taste of his works. Every year there are fashion and beautiful things are so eager to wear and dear to the heart to see people.Do not want to lose the opportunity to highlight your style and personality beautiful piece of jewelry.

Our jewelry enterprise "Vilant" for eight years, offers its services for the production of jewelry to order. The image, photo or sketch drawn by yourself or together with our designer, we can produce decoration of almost any complexity.Also on the site contains the catalog of jewelry, in which you can select the product, as in the jewelry store and make it with different materials and with a wide range of inserts.

Because we are manufacturers and on your way is not worth a whole series of intermediaries jewelry, you can easily make sure that we will offer you a much smaller cost you liked the jewelry masterpiece.

How to do it:

  • Copy the link to the page of any site you liked the product.
  • Specify your contact information in the feedback and send us a request for quote.
  • Our jeweler will respond to the request and offer a price that is sure to delight you.

We guarantee the quality of manufacture of any of our jewelry. All our products are certified by Ukrainian Assay Office (Kiev)


Any questions? Want to order? We will be happy to help you!

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