Beautiful stones Sapphires with the effect of asterism are highly valued, and in the catalog of our online store, they are not only blue and green color, and a white that looks in gold jewelry and luxury quite harmoniously.With a high gloss and having high hardness, sapphire has attracted an unusual optical effect which is observed in the treated masterfully jeweler natural crystal.

If you are interested in sapphire stone and its unusual coloring, provided the most spectacular colors, here recommended to buy fine jewelry that offers in our catalog Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant Realizing gold items without any charge or at factory price.

Our factory is engaged in manufacturing and sale of gold jewelry in the catalog is available online cheap buy beautifully decorated Sapphire Ring , And the appearance of the star shine with twinkling you can watch while covering the cut. Asterism can be observed in sections of the precious crystal and if you want to buy gold jewelry with an insert from a natural stone, the spectacular shine you can see it in this box of sapphire.

In the proposed choice of gold jewelry that is not only made of yellow or red gold, and white, you can inexpensively Sapphire buy , Picking up design with cut stone jewelry. You can order ready-made products or to apply for an individual order, specify in advance all the moments with jewelers. After all, for every Sapphire price should be calculated separately, especially if you select the processing to form a spherical surface. Convex curved surfaces in cutting sapphires always look very impressive, to show all the beauty of the gemstone.

You do not even have to argue with the fact that to wear on a finger ring with sapphires effectively helps relieve headaches, characterized by spasms of the brain! Incidentally it is worth noting that the Bogus (Baus) - so called in the old days or bright sapphire blue gems, can significantly reduce the appetite.

If you are searching for an amulet or talisman, then the blue sapphire can be recommended as a gift for the Aquarius. As a variety of corundum, this stone is found in nature in many colors, where the only exception is the red corundum, received the name - ruby.

Star sapphires are the highest bidder, and if you like earrings with sapphire can be expensive to buy original jewelry set, picking up a couple of them - a ring, pendant, or cross pendant. In our shop you can order inexpensive manufacture of gold jewelry on individual request in the form of unusual design with inlays of precious or semi-precious stones, as well as without them.

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