Каталог ювелирных изделий with Pearls : 61 pcs.

Article: 213-1829 Average weight: 2.10 gram 2 539 UAH
Article: 213-1755 Average weight: 2.71 gram 3 277 - 16 777 UAH
Article: 212-1722 Average weight: 2.63 gram 3 180 UAH
Article: 213-1716 Average weight: 1.56 gram 1 887 UAH
Article: 214-1714 Average weight: 0.92 gram 1 113 UAH
Article: 213-1713 Average weight: 2.15 gram 2 600 UAH
Article: 212-1712 Average weight: 1.68 gram 2 032 UAH
Article: 213-1664 Average weight: 3.81 gram 4 607 - 40 259 UAH
Article: 212-1663 Average weight: 2.51 gram 3 035 - 20 861 UAH
Article: 113-1615 Average weight: 5.87 gram 7 097 - 209 125 UAH
Article: 112-1614 Average weight: 4.21 gram 5 090 - 207 118 UAH
Article: 214-1557 Average weight: 1.93 gram 2 334 UAH
Article: 212-1522 Average weight: 2.62 gram 3 168 UAH
Article: 213-1521 Average weight: 4.24 gram 5 127 UAH
Article: 212-1520 Average weight: 1.79 gram 2 165 UAH
Article: 213-1519 Average weight: 2.89 gram 3 495 UAH
Article: 212-1476 Average weight: 2.86 gram 3 458 - 15 342 UAH
Article: 213-1458 Average weight: 1.41 gram 1 705 - 7 647 UAH
Article: 123-1448 Average weight: 3.45 gram 10 114 UAH
Article: 213-1448 Average weight: 3.41 gram 4 123 - 10 065 UAH
Article: 213-1444 Average weight: 1.92 gram 2 322 UAH
Article: 213-1444/1 Average weight: 1.92 gram 2 322 UAH
Article: 123-1423 Average weight: 4.16 gram 32 030 UAH
Article: 122-1422 Average weight: 3.20 gram 30 869 UAH
Article: 213-1293 Average weight: 6.12 gram 7 400 UAH
Article: 212-1270 Average weight: 3.51 gram 4 244 UAH
Article: 213-1269 Average weight: 5.82 gram 7 037 UAH
Article: 213-1249 Average weight: 3.38 gram 4 087 UAH
Article: 212-1248 Average weight: 1.96 gram 2 370 UAH
Article: 213-1247 Average weight: 3.36 gram 4 063 UAH

On the sea or river origin of the natural or synthetic inserts known to many. That is why pearls gained high popularity not only among the ladies with a solid social status, who prefer to wear products made of it in the form of natural pearls in the necklace and necklaces, but also among young people, which are available rings and earrings with inserts of cultured pearls,synthetically prepared - in special circumstances. It is about the river and synthetic pearls, which is usually cultivated. And if natural pearls always has a small asymmetry of pearls, the pearl of synthetically prepared always perfect in form and color.

You will be able to see more detail finished products with pearls in our online store Vilant. Here in the catalog Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant That is the production base of all our company sells its products without any extra charge. This is one of the most powerful arguments to profitably Buy Pearls and this order it appears in the directory is already for sale of products, and through design of the individual order.

Presenting in its structure and classify organic compound as a mineral, pearl added to the cost of precious stones and is widely used in Jewelry for the production of gold jewelry. This insert is equally exquisite looks like framed white and red, and yellow gold.If you liked the elite earrings with pearls , Then it is recommended to choose a ring or pendant, focusing on the weight and dimensions of this kind inserts.

Pick up and inexpensive to purchase a beautifully stylized pearl gold can be in the category of jewelry, which are positioned on the original photo earrings, pendants and rings with precious stones. Quite expensive looking design, the design of which includes a diamond and small delicate earrings with such inserts may suit almost any woman.

The choice will depend on what kind of jewelry you are looking for, because pearls price which always depends on many components, it is best to agree in detail and discuss the details with our jewelers. The weight of one pearl can reach up to 0,337 carats, so everything will be solved specifically selected insert.

If you want to order a product of gold, in which Diamond and Pearl will be in the form of small insertions, these decorations can not be used for gift, because the pearl as a mascot different subtle sense, and is able to bring love, purity and loyalty to only one host. It is recommended to buy traveling Pisces - they bring good luck pearls on the road, where they will meet the good companions.The donation pearls able to lose all of its magical properties, and to attract new master negative and turn away good luck, and will break his health.

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