In the jewelry cutting Blue quartz looks very nice, but the image of blue crystals, this mineral in nature is quite rare and expensive. And if you look through our catalog online in the popular online store Vilant, you can find it in the beautifully designed jewelry.Here you can buy at factory price pendants, earrings, women's gold rings and crosses.

Our Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant produces a large amount of jewelry among them is ready to offer ready-made jewelry in the catalog, as well as to produce the most complex design of red and white gold, realizing products with no extra charge.This is one of the main advantages of our service, which has experienced jewelers, well versed in this kind insert as quartz stone That positive energy is different, and is valued for the delicate and positive impact on the owner of gold jewelry.

In our store you will be able to beautifully designed quartz buy among the rings with semi-precious inserts. And if you want, then among the blue inserts can pick up a design where color quartz can replace the inset of blue topaz that looks no less impressive.It will all depend on what you like it here, but if you still liking blue stone that falls into the category of quartz, it is best to choose exactly it, the more that this beautiful stone is not able to harm, and very sensual and impressionable lady, he will serve as a kind of talisman.

Very beautiful ring with massive inserts, which you can pick up a pair of earrings and a pendant, and Quartz price will be listed in the catalog or when you make a custom order. After all, if you have not approached the design that is positioned in the catalog of our jewelry store, then be able to order something more spectacular or unusual, leaving the original sketch.According to it, our jewelers and execute a ready piece of jewelry made of gold, which will also be designated as a yellow, red or white precious metal.

Beautiful ring with quartz You can pick up a jewelry collection to supplement or as an original gift to a friend or loved one. Gold jewelry with natural accents are always appreciated, especially if it is the category of precious or semi-precious stone.And here you can make almost any product made of gold and book design at factory price, as with inserts and without them.

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