Speaking a kind of ritual symbols wedding rings As well as design, designed for elegant wedding ceremony, always require a more responsible approach to the choice of such rings. Traditionally already happened that the wedding ring should buy the groom, but even so, this does not preclude the presence of the bride in choosing the rings. Therefore, our Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant offers to do together choose the most suitable design by previewing positioned choice for wedding rings on the original photo.

You can not always immediately find their way - what kind of design will be suitable for the bride and groom at a time, but if you are in doubt and could not find a pair for your wedding, which would be the most relevant for your celebration, you can order a creative design wedding rings Slavic.Wedding powerful argument and therefore choosing the original wedding rings prices which razmesheny in the catalog, it is necessary to focus on the 10% of the total costs that you have planned to invest in the wedding. This will help you get away from wasting money but if you plan to elegant wedding, then buy wedding rings have, in accordance with the status of your event. The average price on wedding rings for the bride and groom will be the cost for each model to about $ 200, and it is quite affordable price, especially since the catalog in our online store offers goods exclusively Vilant no extra charge.

Factory price for all jewelry made of gold, will attract the attention of those who are not accustomed to pay even the wedding day. And though the wedding is the most important day in your life, do not lose sight of the wedding rings to order will look much more interesting and neizbity than usual classical solutions. Someone prefer diamond cut, and for someone to main "chip" will perform inlay diamond fragments. All this and allows you to individually express their imagination.

We will not have to pay, and buying wedding rings pair through the catalog online store, you can buy them at the lowest price. Many liked the design with inserts, and someone decides to order engagement rings or decides to issue individual orders for wedding rings, giving a sketch in advance and discuss all the details with our jewelers.

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