If you are looking for an original design luxury jewelry without inserts, the chain Which is represented in the catalog of our online store, you may be interested in a large range of solutions proposed here. The modern design will satisfy even the most discerning customers in this matter, because Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant With extensive experience in the manufacture of jewelry, knows the preferences of its customers.

Perfectly understanding in fashion trends and in particular the demand for this kind of products, our service specialists headed by jewelers plant, know exactly what is worth offering of colored gold.Visit our online store, you can create a general impression - that today is overdue as the finest and massive gold chains, fashion links, which are used in the manufacture of a particular model, as well as other jewelry delights, including bracelets and women's fashion and Men's jewelry,made of colored precious metal.

The original design and buying chains - how to choose jewelry

Beautifully decorated gold chains can be bought not only for yourself or for a gift a loved one, but also as a present to the desired christening or another, no less important event. And gold chain happy daddy can choose not only for his wife as a thank you for the heir or heiress, but very hero of the occasion - the kid.So do not rush to order and choosing through a catalog of our online store gold jewelry, it is best to see the range to buy chain :

  • desired length;

  • red or white gold;

  • the most suitable form of chain links;

  • appropriate kind of weaving;

  • with stones or without excesses;

  • a combination jewelry pendant, cross, pendant or without them.

Prices of the chain and the benefits of the order of jewelry through an online store vilant.com.ua

Proposed in the catalog chain prices are in accordance with the weight, originality used weaving, inlaid with stones or other decorations. All this determines the price of the product, while at our jewelry factory products are sold where there is no extra charge.Such sales of finished jewelry and manufactured custom-made, will significantly save money by purchasing the elite chains of gold at a nominal price of the manufacturer.

The point here is not about the quotation of securities, but, nevertheless, fine chain around the neck are no less weighty argument when it comes to the most desirable gifts.Usually most chain decided to pick up not only elegant suspension or name pendant in the form of letters, exquisitely made with inlaid initials, but also elegant cross or mini-icon, selecting in accordance with the pendant and chain itself - focusing on the length of the jewelry and the massiveness of themselves twisted gold links,phony or forged chain.

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