One of the most exquisite jewelry is a brooch and though it is not as popular as it is typical for rings and earrings, all the same brooches also bought more affluent users from our catalog. Our online store is carried out not only the sale, where there is no extra charge, but also the realization of their own production factory.Based on the capacity of our jewelry factory we are able to offer ready-made luxury products made of colored gold, as well as to engage in individual production order through the store jewelry.

Order our beautiful brooch or other jewelry to replenish its gold collection

To visit Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant , It is not necessary for this to come to the capital. It will be enough in the long mode, go to the online store that hosts a directory of jewelry products and will not only brooch to buy Selecting it from a finished product, but also to order the production and to create a thumbnail. This is a very delicate work and jewelers can advise you what exquisite design will come for you.

Looking for a constantly updated catalog Gold Brooch Not all ready to order ready-made products. After all, who would want a brooch with inlays of pearls or diamonds, as well as book design, which completely eliminated the use of stones, enamel and other coatings.For lovers of minimalist style that decision would be more appropriate, because the exquisite jewelry without stones do not look less elitist, if applied diamond cut or original mix of red, white and yellow gold.

Original design by jewelers Vilant - Sit expensive luxury jewelry or royal delights

When ordering through a catalog of our jewelry store jewelry, you will attract not only gold brooch And other items made of precious metals. Therefore, will be most welcome to pick up the original set of colored gold. As a Gift headset can be ordered finished products brooch and ring. And if you want to make a creative stylized set or just one brooch Price manager should be calculated. This will help to sort out the real value that is 30%, and even more, down from retail, which is offered through a network of other jewelry manufacturers elite gold jewelry.

If you order the production of unusual brooches, it will be possible to give to their heirs, and this massive or elegant decoration can already serve as an invaluable heirloom.After brooch has always been considered and are still considered darling of kings and queens, and it's hard to argue, looking photos with the Queen of England - Queen Elizabeth II.

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