Gold pendants: 181 pcs.

Article: 214-1874 Average weight: 4.93 gram 5 961 UAH
Article: 214-1865 Average weight: 1.03 gram 1 246 - 96 976 UAH
Article: 214-1864 Average weight: 1.04 gram 1 258 - 135 280 UAH
Article: 214-1863 Average weight: 1.13 gram 1 367 - 81 142 UAH
Article: 214-1861 Average weight: 0.60 gram 726 - 48 591 UAH
Article: 314-1841 Average weight: 0.76 gram 919 UAH
Article: 314-1824 Average weight: 1.77 gram 2 140 UAH
Article: 314-1823 Average weight: 0.68 gram 823 UAH
Article: 114-1805 Average weight: 4.64 gram 6 329 UAH
Article: 314-1795 Average weight: 3.60 gram 4 353 UAH
Article: 314-1794 Average weight: 2.73 gram 3 301 UAH
Article: 314-1754 Average weight: 1.19 gram 1 439 UAH
Article: 314-1753 Average weight: 2.16 gram 2 612 UAH
Article: 314-1749 Average weight: 0.88 gram 1 064 UAH
Article: 314-1748 Average weight: 1.41 gram 1 705 UAH
Article: 314-1747 Average weight: 0.80 gram 968 UAH
Article: 314-1746 Average weight: 0.64 gram 774 UAH
Article: 314-1745 Average weight: 0.60 gram 726 UAH
Article: 314-1744 Average weight: 0.81 gram 980 UAH
Article: 314-1743 Average weight: 0.77 gram 931 UAH
Article: 314-1742 Average weight: 0.93 gram 1 125 UAH
Article: 314-1741 Average weight: 0.90 gram 1 089 UAH
Article: 314-1740 Average weight: 1.00 gram 1 209 UAH
Article: 314-1739 Average weight: 1.21 gram 1 463 UAH
Article: 314-1738 Average weight: 0.81 gram 980 UAH
Article: 314-1737 Average weight: 0.88 gram 1 064 UAH
Article: 314-1736 Average weight: 0.70 gram 847 UAH
Article: 314-1735 Average weight: 0.66 gram 798 UAH
Article: 314-1734 Average weight: 1.11 gram 1 342 UAH
Article: 314-1733 Average weight: 0.81 gram 980 UAH

Our factory, which organized the production of jewelry, always improving its technology, offering the most fashionable suspensions using a variety of ornamental solutions. Here you can choose the pendant or a pendant with topical inserts, as well as buy luxury exquisite decoration, which uses pearls and zirconium.Among the positions of the catalog is available online vydobrat not only crosses, but also original suspension braces for kids with inlays of diamonds. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, inserts which are represented 0.018-0.025 weight carat - all these stones in combination with gold color (red and white) give a special delicacy elegant pendants and pendants.

Original design suspensions and pendants - select elegantly decorated to your taste

Releasing elite products, our Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant ready to offer a wide variety of gold jewelery, as well as the wizard where you can get creative and design the most exquisite pendants and crosses. After all, not everyone wants to buy pendant or a chain, someone is looking for as the original high-end jewelry miniature icon or want to order custom fabrication sketch of the most unusual pendant.

All suggestions will be considered by jewelers our factory, which can order here gold pendants performed with the use of advanced technologies. Like many products with color inserts made of natural stones, as well as original suspension in the form of capital letters, you can pick up, focusing on the initials of the person who will wear it on a chain jewelry.If you want to order unusual sets consisting of gold pendants, rings and earrings, better make a request for custom made flowery design with synthetic inserts.

The advantages of buying suspension or pendant through the catalog jewelry factory Vilant

In any event factory pendants made of gold Made in our production will be implemented without any extra charges and other allowances. These proposals will be able to evaluate not only the residents of Kiev and other customers who want to order on-line catalog of factory products through our online store.Proposed here the choice will satisfy anyone who loves luxury gold jewelry made with inserts and without stones. And if you're looking for pendants to order Here you will be able to consult in advance with the manager, after agreeing all the organizational issues.

You Selected pendant price which is listed in the photo next to the product, the service will be delivered to the "New Posta" or you can use the self. Delivery covers all regions of Ukraine, and the claimed design, manufacture suspension or unusual piece of jewelry - all this is agreed with the expert of our service.

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