Gold earrings: 370 pcs.

Article: 113-1872 Average weight: 5.74 gram 6 940 UAH
Article: 213-1870 Average weight: 1.90 gram 2 298 UAH
Article: 213-1868 Average weight: 3.68 gram 5 020 - 24 166 UAH
Article: 213-1866 Average weight: 1.75 gram 2 116 UAH
Article: 213-1862 Average weight: 3.50 gram 4 774 UAH
Article: 213-1857 Average weight: 2.86 gram 3 458 UAH
Article: 113-1855 Average weight: 8.72 gram 11 895 UAH
Article: 113-1853 Average weight: 7.78 gram 10 612 UAH
Article: 213-1851 Average weight: 2.02 gram 2 443 - 47 117 UAH
Article: 213-1849 Average weight: 2.73 gram 3 301 UAH
Article: 213-1848 Average weight: 2.72 gram 3 289 - 47 963 UAH
Article: 213-1845 Average weight: 3.53 gram 4 815 UAH
Article: 213-1843 Average weight: 2.21 gram 2 672 UAH
Article: 213-1840 Average weight: 6.14 gram 7 424 UAH
Article: 213-1839 Average weight: 3.03 gram 3 664 - 105 776 UAH
Article: 213-1838 Average weight: 1.48 gram 1 790 - 8 172 UAH
Article: 213-1837 Average weight: 3.10 gram 3 748 UAH
Article: 313-1835 Average weight: 2.22 gram 2 684 UAH
Article: 213-1834 Average weight: 1.30 gram 1 572 - 7 954 UAH
Article: 213-1833 Average weight: 1.38 gram 1 669 - 8 051 UAH
Article: 313-1832 Average weight: 1.50 gram 1 814 UAH
Article: 113-1831 Average weight: 2.70 gram 3 683 UAH
Article: 213-1829 Average weight: 2.10 gram 2 539 UAH
Article: 113-1828 Average weight: 3.31 gram 4 515 UAH
Article: 213-1826 Average weight: 1.32 gram 1 596 - 7 978 UAH
Article: 313-1825 Average weight: 1.19 gram 1 439 UAH
Article: 213-1820 Average weight: 3.91 gram 4 728 UAH
Article: 213-1818 Average weight: 3.34 gram 4 039 UAH
Article: 213-1816 Average weight: 2.72 gram 3 289 UAH
Article: 113-1814 Average weight: 2.96 gram 4 038 UAH

The most ancient of the ornaments are Earrings and it is this is one of the motives of how diverse can be the original design. It is about choosing not only the original design of red gold, and locks and used in earrings, and other parts used in the manufacture of a pair of spectacular jewelry.It is necessary to give priority to the fact that you will be really comfortable to wear. It would be impossible to use these jewelry made of gold, if they are unsuitable for any reason.

Learn how to choose earrings with most comfortable types of locks

Given all the preferences and personalities pampered fashionistas conservative, Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant constantly updated by the collection that hosts a variety of earrings, and you can choose not only the familiar classics, but also:

  • Stud earrings (studs with pin lock).

  • Large ornaments in the form of fashionable pendants, as well as with the current massive insertions of natural stones, including chandelier earrings, which uses the most elegant castle - English and seizure occurs due shvenzy - a narrow strip of precious metal.

  • Earrings, stilizuemye under ethno, where the castle is bracket - this is the ancient castle, which is fixed gold earrings But it is extremely rare among the author's elite jewelry.

  • Modern dyeing of precious metal with stones, where there is an Italian castle - is the most common form of modern padlock.

  • Graceful small earrings with French padlock, which is a small loop.

  • Ear-Congo submitted rings and having the most reliable type of coupling.

  • Ear-rings, where the castle stands practical pin and can be buy earrings considering the width of your ear lobe.

Variety of designs of jewelry and special frills decor used

There are even gold earrings, lock which serves a long chain, is passed in the earlobe and manufactured rear suspension as - this is the most elegant look and design is generally chosen young ladies, which boast beautiful landscaped long neck. That Is Why gold earrings must be able to choose not only the most appropriate lock and inserts, but also on shape, length, and used a decorative addition.There can be issued in the production of creative design for individual sketch, which is available to order diamond cut, the use of multi-colored enamel and rubber, as well as applied gilding or nacre.

If you order us earrings price which is indicated in each position, you will not have to pay - in the directory is completely absent margin and it is one of the main advantages of purchases made through the online store of our jewelry factory. Elegant Earrings with stones - Design with inserts in the form of diamonds or zirconia is ideal not only for evening or festive attire, but also to the office everyday clothes and dresses, pick up for special occasions, social events or a cocktail dress and fashion knitwear.

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