Gold rings: 429 pcs.

Article: 212-1873 Average weight: 1.95 gram 2 358 UAH
Article: 112-1871 Average weight: 3.39 gram 4 099 UAH
Article: 212-1869 Average weight: 1.28 gram 1 548 UAH
Article: 212-1867 Average weight: 1.59 gram 1 923 - 5 114 UAH
Article: 212-1856 Average weight: 1.85 gram 2 237 UAH
Article: 112-1854 Average weight: 4.37 gram 5 961 UAH
Article: 112-1852 Average weight: 3.92 gram 5 347 UAH
Article: 212-1850 Average weight: 2.05 gram 2 797 UAH
Article: 212-1847 Average weight: 1.06 gram 1 282 - 23 619 UAH
Article: 212-1846 Average weight: 1.41 gram 1 705 - 30 424 UAH
Article: 212-1844 Average weight: 1.17 gram 1 415 UAH
Article: 212-1842 Average weight: 2.22 gram 3 029 UAH
Article: 212-1836 Average weight: 2.26 gram 2 733 UAH
Article: 112-1830 Average weight: 2.02 gram 2 756 UAH
Article: 112-1827 Average weight: 1.39 gram 1 896 UAH
Article: 212-1821 Average weight: 1.63 gram 2 224 UAH
Article: 212-1819 Average weight: 2.44 gram 2 950 UAH
Article: 212-1817 Average weight: 2.23 gram 2 697 UAH
Article: 212-1815 Average weight: 2.10 gram 2 539 UAH
Article: 212-1813 Average weight: 1.19 gram 1 439 UAH
Article: 212-1812 Average weight: 1.88 gram 2 273 UAH
Article: 312-1811 Average weight: 1.28 gram 1 548 UAH
Article: 212-1810 Average weight: None gram UAH
Article: 212-1808 Average weight: 3.25 gram 3 930 UAH
Article: 212-1802 Average weight: 1.60 gram 1 935 UAH
Article: 112-1800 Average weight: 2.39 gram 3 260 UAH
Article: 112-1799 Average weight: 2.31 gram 3 151 - 15 915 UAH
Article: 212-1797 Average weight: 1.24 gram 1 500 UAH
Article: 212-1793 Average weight: 1.10 gram 1 330 UAH
Article: 312-1792 Average weight: 0.97 gram 1 173 UAH

Jewelry catalog of our company differs a good choice, so Ring Here you can find not only the classic red gold, and made according to European standards, where relevant design submitted by the white and yellow gold.Along with the classical solutions here everyone can choose elite expensive jewelry, where the products of our jewelry factory, except semi-precious and precious stones, offered with inserts made of synthetic material.

A variety of precious metals and stones in the selection of rings and rings

Of course, positioning in its catalog on the original photo-to-date design gold rings, Kyiv Jewelry Factory Vilant ready to offer not only the standard female models with stones and without stones, and a massive and impressive male embossed seals. Yuvelirka here represented elite gold ornaments.All these precious metals are harmoniously combined with inserts - colored stones that shimmering, organic beauty color shade of gold.

Our jewelry factory by making wedding rings , Rings and other jewelry, has a decent selection of finished products and are always available to be ordered online through your favorite jewelry catalog.It is recommended to use the suggestions of experienced craftsmen who are ready to begin the design and do fine work in the manufacture of gold jewelry for granted from the customer's sketches.

Emeralds, sapphires, rubies - all these stones, like diamonds, spectacularly decorated gold ring And in the proposed directory can fit the model using the filters and clicking on the wanted you insert. Colors, as well as the names used inserts, really impressive, so there will not be a problem Ring buy in accordance with the requested size, insertion or without stones. Many people enjoy a choice where priority can be given, focusing on the preference for precious metals.

Buy ring in Kiev recommended through the catalog jewelry factory Vilant

One of the advantages of our service is that it is ready for sale jewelry, including rings, rings and signets, carried out without extra charge. No extra charge will allow profitable Buy gold ring While you can always use the services of first-class jewelers and place sophisticated and creative design to production, based on an individual order.

For creative people and those who can appreciate beauty, here ring to order can become something masterpiece and you do not have to regret their choice. It is not always possible to pick up in the directory that you want it as a high-end gift for a loved one or recharge personal jewelry collection.

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