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Emerald, what you did not know

Emerald, Crystal, who has a history and it is still underway at the time of the Incas and the Aztecs, who believed the sacred stone, it is in places of residence of these peoples and to this day is the largest deposit of this stone. As RubyThis stone was very popular among the royals different times, according to legend, the gems mined in the Arabian oilfield decorated collection of many monarchs and rulers of various countries, not just decorated, and were considered the most valuable of all the stones.  

One of the greatest admirers of emerald was the ruler of Arabia, the Queen of Sheba.


Accordingly, the devotion to the people of the valley Mantra in South America in the sixteenth century was found an emerald the size of an ostrich egg, this magnificent stone was named after the goddess Esmeralda and was kept in the Temple of the Sun in Peru. According to the beliefs of the people of the stone I gave happiness and good luck to anyone who has ever looked at him.Anyone who wanted to win the goddess and get awe was give her a gift emerald.

At the time there were constant battles for territory and riches that were in them.And in the valley mantra come invaders, conquistadors from Spain, warriors conquered territory, Sun Temple was destroyed, but they have not managed to find "bozhetvo", which was successfully hidden by the priests, and, hidden, so that to this day, after so many years, emerald goddess Esmeralda was not found.

Around the same time, and the suspension is made of emeralds, jewelry made in the form of a cross, which is attached to the caravel of the same stone. This ornament has a weight of 125 carats and was carried by Spanish jewelers. Currently jewelery kept in the Hermitage.














Another famous emerald jewelry is kept in the Louvre Museum, the city of Paris, it is the crown that belonged to the Empress Eugenie. Decoration dates back to the year 1855, and was made for the coronation of the Empress.

We can not ignore the emerald called "Mongol", which has a mass of 217.8 carats. This stone is very special, on one of its sides is carved floral designs, on the other texts of prayers. This copy was sold under the hammer at Christie's auction in London. Unknown buyer purchased it for the sum of 2.2 million dollars.












Many well-known history of emeralds have not survived to the present day. For example, the five "Spanish" emeralds. This collection of stones, with a variety of forms, once gave his fiancee Fernando Cortez, this gesture aroused a storm of negative emotions in the ruling at the time of the Spanish Queen Isabella, in fact it expected to receive this gift.Collection "five Spanish" was lost in 1541 and nowadays it is not known anything about it.

By the famous jewelry with emeralds applies to the Romanov family brooch, diadem of Empress Marie Louise of France, tiara lady gave Napoleon himself, as a gift for the wedding. Also Indian princess necklace that complements earrings with emeralds.


But not only the royal ladies doted in emerald. He sang of the great poets such as Pushkin himself dedicated the stone verse, used it in his work the great Alexandre Dumas. By giving ancestors Buy Emerald, Meant to provide themselves with good luck and prosperity for the whole life.


Date of publication: Oct. 29, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

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