Прекрасный гранат

Прекрасный камень Гранат может украсить собой любое ювелирное изделие, его оттенки придают украшениям необычайный шарм и роскошь, каждый человек знает его ещё со школы по произведению «Гранатовый браслет», но мало кому известно, что это название минерал носил не всегда. С древних времен и до самой эпохи Средневековья гранат называли карбункулом, ведь его оттенок очень схож по цвету с раскаленными углями костра.

Date of publication: Nov. 3, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

Emerald, what you did not know

Emerald, Crystal, who has a history and it is still underway at the time of the Incas and the Aztecs, who believed the sacred stone, it is in places of residence of these peoples and to this day is the largest deposit of this stone.Like the ruby, this stone is very popular among the royals different times, according to legend, the gems mined in the Arabian oilfield decorated collection of many monarchs and rulers of various countries, not just decorated, and were considered the most valuable of all the stones.  

Date of publication: Oct. 29, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

Rubin-rock kings

We all know the stone ruby, expensive gemstone that can decorate any piece of jewelry, but few people know that this stone is highly preferred by jewelers royals.

Date of publication: Oct. 28, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

Интересные факты о жемчуге

Жемчужины с давних времен привлекали внимание людей. Доподлинно известно, что у Клеопатры, царицы Египта, были жемчужные украшения. Считалось, что этот камень обладает магическими свойствами.

Date of publication: Oct. 27, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

Jewelry repair, insertion of stone

Jewelry in everyday wear, exposed to different types of damage. Quite common is the breakage of falling stone from the rim of the ring. Undoubtedly, a ring with a stone looks more rich and attractive than without it.The disadvantage of this decoration is that it is designed for the rare event of the publication. 

Date of publication: Sept. 28, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

Types of topaz and bright colors

Topaz is one of the most popular precious stones. In nature, the color chip may have different colors, but it is usually faded. To make bright and beautiful stone, applies special processing. But, despite this, the topaz, and the price is not very high compared to other precious stones, in great demand.Because of artificial stone color can be easily confused with other precious stones such as citrine, aquamarine, beryl, chrysoberyl, and so on. But the professional of the business seamlessly distinguish from other topaz crystals having value. Topaz finish off around the world, but the largest deposits are in Brazil. 

Date of publication: Sept. 21, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

Wear diamonds correctly

To be able to buy a diamond is small, it is necessary to know how to wear it. Total use of precious stones there were a large number of such rules. Modern society is to observe the etiquette is more loyal, so there is no hard and fast rules. There are generally accepted principles of good taste.

Date of publication: Sept. 11, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

How to wear tsetrin

Citrine ... bright citrus flavor reminiscent title. Masters called golden topaz gold articles, and dark yellow stones - Spanish topaz. It's all about handling, citrine and topaz have the same paint. Citrine is very durable and reliable product, but is softer and shiny with a dull shade.This product is perfect for those born under the sign of Gemini. Many women are interested in citrine stone, buy which can be in specialized stores.

Date of publication: Sept. 8, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

How to wear a beryl. Rules of care of stone

Any of the girls thought about the suitability of the selected decoration along. But, alas, rarely, someone thought of magic and healing properties of gemstones.

Date of publication: Sept. 7, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones

Selection of stones for jewelry color

Jewelry is the most wonderful gift for any woman. However, by choosing such a gift, every man must go very carefully and responsibly, as the memory of this gift, as well as about the man gave it to remain a woman forever.When choosing a piece of jewelry you should remember that it must be beautiful only in contrast with a properly chosen gem. 

Date of publication: Sept. 4, 2015 | Category: Jewelry stones


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