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Jewellery style gottika

In recent years, become quite popular gold jewelry in a strange Gothic style. A distinctive feature of which are the various crosses, symbols, spikes and swords. Such jewelry can be expressed in an aggressive way, and wearing romantic character.
Such decorations attract and fascinate avid fashionistas and It girls club. But where it did not wear so much beauty, so as not to shock? Halloween is the best excuse to demonstrate or to order jewelry in the Gothic style. 
Many fashion houses combine the output of an unusual new collection with this holiday. Bestseller basically become a skull with inlays of diamonds or gold earrings, with the same theme. While this may sound daunting, but do not be afraid of the skull.He reminds people that the hour of death is inevitable for all of humanity. And that should honor their deceased ancestors. Furthermore, it is possible buy a diamond ring in the form of a skull with curls and delicate features. 
For example, a jewelry designer, Victoire de Castellane, offers buyers luxury on display copies of pendants, earrings and rings with Gothic promises. All this decorated with costly stones of rare breeds.
Among adolescent girls emerged triumphant demand a huge cross. Which is a symbol of vampires and Dracula. That's it, they prefer to conquer the boys and the envy of the "best" girlfriends.
In some categories of jewelry craftsmen, the characters do not look intimidating. They are likely to resemble the image of a stylish accessory for Halloween. Wishes to be able to buy a brooch in the form of a black bat, encrusted with sapphires and diamonds. It is also possible order ring in the form of a pumpkin made of yellow gold with inlays of bright stones. 
On these holidays occur pendants or bracelets in the form of snakes, completely covered with stones green. 

With regards to the brand Theo Fennell, decorations suggest frightening emotions of buyers and all those who came across in these goods. Suspension of a black cat, is so piercing eyes yellow eyes that causes most people to cross and move away from the owner's jewelery.And the familiar skull and all complemented by worms, which spread to the entire article. Suggests a cold, is not it?
Also, fans will stand out among the crowd, you should pay attention to different insects. These include spiders, entangled in a web of black jack or a crow. Noticeably decorate your products made of white gold or silver, is a weaving poisonous leaves.The decor is complemented by black stones and emeralds, the green one gives a feeling of freshness. 
Marks snakes are often found in hinged earrings. So to speak of the great similarity of Cleopatra. Which made of black rhodium with stones. 
There are jewelers prefer to combine different types of gold and expensive types of stones. 
Prepare for Halloween as it should!

Date of publication: Oct. 26, 2015 | Category: Fashion Jewelry

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